Enjoy this fine piece of retro hand-crafted html.

Well, alright, maybe 'fine' is a bit of a stretch.

I am not sure how you found this. I don't link to it anywhere, so you must have decided to go check out the url associated with an e-mail address I gave you, or that blog where I occasionally write things.

In any event, you've stumbled in here and I am glad. I am occasionally nostalgic about the web before it was really usable. You may not remember those days, when to actually find something you were looking for on the internet was a real challenge and you could wander around for hours, as if in a dusty record shop flipping through entirely randomized stacks.

Not that I've ever been in a record shop.

And what I spent my misspent youth doing was essentially reading someone else's in-jokes. So, now it's your turn.